Russian Blue Cat Breed Information

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Russian Blue Cat Breed Introduction

Russian Blue Cats

The Russian Blue Cat breed is one of the oldest cat breeds, having actually originated in Russia in the nineteenth century or earlier. Today, Russian Blues are widely considered easy to get along with and loving animals to have in the home.

Russian Blue Behavior/Personality

Source: Source: Cat Fanciers Association Breed Profile

Russian Blue cats are generally known as quiet but affectionate. They are also known to get along well with children and other pets. In short, they tend not to be terribly demanding are easy to get along with.

Russian Blue Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the Russian Blue breed based on information in Wikipedia, March 2006 and the Cat Fanciers Association breed profile.

  • Head: medium-sized wedge
  • Ears: large and wide at the base with fairly pointed tips
  • Eyes: wide-set
  • Body: long, muscular
  • Legs: long
  • Paws: small and a bit rounded
  • Tail: long and tapered
  • Coat: short and thick; the traditional Russian coat color is blue; some breeder groups (not the Cat Fanciers Association) have allowed other colors as well

Russian Blue History

Source: "The Russian Blue," by Peg Johnson and Wikipedia (March 2006)

The Russian Blue cat breed is apparently a very old cat breed, originating naturally rather than though selectively breeding-though for most of the twentieth century the breed was developed selectively in the US in the twentieth century, including through out-crosses with other breeds.

While it is generally agreed the breed originated in Russia, its exact origins are less certain. The most common theory is that they originated at the port at Archangelsk Isle, which is in the north of Russia. Some legends say that the cats were feral and were hunted for their coats. Yet despite this legend of the breed's rough and tumble origins, it is also said that the breeds were kept by both Russian czars and English kings and queens. One legend even says that one cat acted as a charm to help heal a sick young Russian prince.

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