Super Feeder Csf-3XL Automatic Cat Feeder W/stand, Bowl, Chute Cover, and Analog Timer (Up to 1.8 Gal. Capacity)

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This custom Super Feeder® features a dishwasher-safe bowl made with a special high-grade kitchenware material known as "SAN" by Kibisan® and especially designed to spread kibbles for better access to

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This custom Super Feeder® features a dishwasher-safe bowl made with a special high-grade kitchenware material known as “SAN” by Kibisan® and especially designed to spread kibbles for better access to pets. It also features a very easy to program analog timer with tiny pins used to trigger the feeder up to 48 times per day if needed. The mounting bracket is black power coated and attaches the feeder to its compact heavy-duty black ABS base and tower. This Super Feeder® could also be used with a home automation system and/or web based system. This model includes the 4 ¾ cups CSF-3 Super Feeder® with a large 1.5 gal. (24 cups) hopper. If you have a “locksmith” cat on the subject of trying to get food out of the feeder, the standard chute cover (protective device) comes installed and will help prevent intrusion! Although It’ll pass kibbles up to 5/8″ diameter, small 1/4″ spherical/square kibbles are still recommended for best performance and portion accuracy. You could trigger multiple feeders at one time with one timer using a power strip or dual outlet timer if your pets do not share well! It only needs assembly with a screwdriver. A great video is available for assembly and operation. Its size mounted with only one clear extension (recommended) is 10″ x 12 x 21″ tall and is normally placed backed up to a wall, cabinet or across a corner wall. Most importantly, compared to others, it could also be mounted to a wall or your very own mount using a piece of lumber instead of supplied short stand for those smart and highly mischievous pets! Performance is guaranteed with recommended food! This stand/bowl set up is for INDOOR use only! Proudly made in the USA, try one, you’ll be able to like it as many other pet owners do! Feeder power supply/timer voltage required: 120V 60Hz with 12V power adapter-not battery operated. Only ships processed through Amazon to destinations within the “Contiguous United States.”
Only ships through Amazon within the “Contiguous United States.” Can feed from a fraction of a cup to multiple cups of kibbles up to at least 48 times per day with supplied timer. Tamper-proof feed adjustment under rubber plug! Various home automation systems even including webcams can also be used to operate/monitor the Super Feeder. If You’ll turn on an appliance remotely with phone or other means, you could do that. All parts in the Super Feeder can be easily replaced!
MINOR ASSEMBY REQUIRED WITH A SCREWDRIVER. DO NOT PURCHASE IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO DO ANY ASSEMBLY. Ready to mount to supplied mount/platform–size of unit is 12x11x21inches tall with one clear 2-cup extension installed (of the two supplied) as shown. You’ll also mount the feeder to a wall or cat play stand if not using the stand to guard against that really mischievous cat! Lots of other ways to mount it if needed.
The supplied analog timer has a facial outlet for better power adapter access. It can be very easily programmed to come on using tiny pins (one for each feed cycle) that will provide up to 48 daily feed cycles. If you so choose, as with this combo, timers are only offered on the side to make up an all-you-need combo so you do not have to purchase one on your own. Super-Feed does NOT manufacture timers! Two Super Feeder combos are offered on Amazon without a timer. You may use any timer of your own, analog (mechanical) or digital. A digital one will generally last much longer and maintain very accurate time and programs whether powered or not. You might also purchase the ACDT-20 digital timer later from Super Feed or use a home automation system to operate your Super Feeder.
NEW polycarbonate clear extensions now guaranteed for life against breakage under normal use! High-quality dishwasher safe Kibisan® kitchen plate type material bowl with bowed splitting dish for wider distribution of kibbles creating better access to food. ALL parts in this feeder can be quickly, economically and easily repaired or replaced without disposal or replacement of the entire feeder. Use the basic feeder by itself, or if you want it when going away, a 1.8 gallons capacity (24 cups) hopper is supplied. The Super Feeder’s unique large hopper design will not allow kibbles to bridge inside, a very common occurrence in many other feeders where someone has to occasionally “jolt” the feeder to loosen kibbles that have stuck together preventing the unit from dispensing them properly. It can also be mounted to a wall or cat play stand using a piece of 2×4 instead of the supplied short stand to guard against that strong mischievous cat! Lots of mounting options are available with this very unique feeder.
This particular model comes with the new improved larger chute opening and tougher polycarbonate chute cover protective device. It’ll pass up to 5/8″ diameter kibbles. Small 1/4″ diameter spherical/square kibbles like offered by Science Diet or other brands are still recommended size for best performance and portion accuracy. Please be aware that although the feeder will not count kibbles (none that we know will), our tests have shown that an accuracy of +/- 0.1 to 0.2 ounce per portion weight has been achieved for every two cycles with recommended kibbles. The larger and more oddly shaped the kibbles are (flat instead of spherical), the worse the portion accuracy will be. Most cat food kibbles will work very well, but with such a lot of shapes/sizes of kibbles on the market, it is impossible to predict exact results. Although performance is guaranteed with recommended food as described, please be advised that because of variance of kibble sizes and shapes, 100% portion accuracy simply cannot be guaranteed for all feed cycles and you should be prepared to switch food as necessary if portion accuracy is of utmost importance to you, or you should not purchase the feeder. Please take into account that we do not claim the super feeder to be 100% intrusion or break proof because of the unruly and/or destructive nature of some pets, nor we accept responsibility for such.

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