The Hepper Pod Cat Bed – It’s Not Just Modern Cat Furniture, It’s a Warm Cat Cave with a Round Dome Top That Covers the Bed to Offer a Perfect Place to Cuddle up and Snooze. The Removable Fleece Bedding Is Washable and Reversible to Give Your Cat the Best Nap Ever.

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Hepper Cat Beds Make Your Cats Happy =^..^=

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Hepper Cat Beds Make Your Cats Happy =^..^=

Our pets have a good life – love, pats, free food – and with all this attention they definitely need good rest. Your pets can get their best sleep ever in their Pod Cat Bed.

Made specially for your cats comfort
Stands off the floor for ease of placement and to give your cat its solitude
Washable for your convenience to keep it smelling fresh and hair free
Removable top for those larger cats or to assist in cleaning
Multiple colors to make a choice from to match the rest of your cats paradise
Reversible liner


A home with pets doesn’t have to look like a zoo or be full of bland on the floor pet cushions. This designer cat bed has modern lines and colors which will blend into your interior, or stand out as an accent piece.

-Function and Form- Good looks weren’t the only goal when we designed the Pod Cat Bed. We also had to make certain that it worked for you and your pet’s needs. That’s why we have a top that removes for easy interior cleaning in addition to the option for “top down” snoozing. =^..^= This modern cat bed is raised up to give your pets a view and to get them off the floor, to stop fur from getting in all places your carpet or wood floors, allows for air circulation keeping them cool or warm, depending on the season. =^..^= In spite of everything, every Cat Bed comes with a removable liner that you’ll easily wash. The liner itself is reversible – one side for fuzzy warmth and the other for a cool microfiber lounge. =^..^=

Interior cat bed liner pad of sherpa fleece and microfiber that is reversible and washable for maximum coziness.
This Pod cat bed is made with a soft-touch construction of flexible molded foam with fabric laminated on both sides. Adding that stylish place for your cat to rest its head with out the difficulty of finding a place for it to fit into your home. The entire colors offered allow you the flexibility to select what matches in your house, stay away from those cardboard cat houses or bland carpet covered wood cat nappers.
Protection from all sides from kids and bigger critters. Perfect for kittens The entire way to full grown cats, watch your cat grow in the safety of ITS own cozy pod.
Raised cat bed platform offers a view and max airflow to keep pets warm or cool as needed. Being off the floor keeps the fur that was shed from going in all places the floor assuring the rest of YOUR house stays nearly hair free.
Durable steel frame with powder coated finish, even when it gets nocked over set it back up no harm done. Removable top for ease of removing blankets and cat toys, stop reaching through small cat holes to clean it out. Simply add to your cart, make your cat happy today!