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You are free to use these cat animation graphics on your website - but if you do you must abide by our TERMS OF USE. Enjoy the many free cat animations, cat clip art and more!

If you are using one of our graphics, we kindly request a link back to I-Love-Cats.com. This enables us to keep these graphics free! Please use the code below:
<a href="http://www.i-love-cats.com/catgraphics.html">Cat Clip Art</a>
DO NOT directly link to ANY images here for ANY reason or under ANY circumstances. 
You MUST download/save the files and install them physically on your own server.   DO NOT put the I-Love-Cats Graphics URL (http://www.i-love-cats.com/catgraphics/images/) in front of the img src command in your HTML code on your web page.
Do not further distribute I-Love-Cats graphics.
Don't put them in a gallery, add them to a collection, make them available on a cd or disk or downloadable from your site, or use them for postcards or greeting cards, etc. Please don't post them to newsgroups without also including the URL to I-Love-Cats.com! For special permission contact us at HERE.

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