American Curl Cat Breed Information

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American Curl Cat Breed Introduction

American Curl Cat Picture

One of the newest breeds of cat, dating back only to 1981, the American Curl cat breed is known for its distinctive curled-back ears, for which the breed was named.

American Curl Behavior/Personality

Source: "The American Curl: A Balancing Act" by Karen O'Brien

American Curls have a very diverse ancestry, which means they can't easily be pigeon-holed for traits other than the basic physical traits of the breed. In general, they are known to be companionable.

American Curl Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the American Curl breed based on the Cat Fanciers Association's breed standard.

  • Head: longer than wide
  • Muzzle: rounded
  • Ears: curled at at least a 90 degree angle but not more than 180 degrees
  • Eyes: walnut-shaped, medium-large
  • Body: half again as long as tall (at the shoulder)
  • Legs: medium-length
  • Paws: medium-sized, rounded
  • Tail: tapered and as long as the body
  • Coat: longhair and shorthair variety, both silky

American Curl History

Source: "The American Curl: A Balancing Act," by Karen O'Brien

The American Curl breed is one of the newest cat breeds. The first American Curl was a cat named Shulamith. In June 1981, Shulamith showed up in the front yard of the home of Grace and Joe Ruga. The Rugas adopted the cat, along with another cat, Panda, who appeared to be Shulamith's sister, and who ran away after two weeks. The Rugas and Shulamith became attached to each other. After Shulamith gave birth in December 1981, the Rugas decided that the cats' distinctive curled ears were the signs of a new breed of cat. Shulamith had several more litters which established the new breed.

On October 23, 1983, the Rugas presented the new American Curl breed at a Cat Fanciers Assocation show in Palm Springs, California. In drafting the breed standard for the new cat breed, the authors were careful to allow for out-breeding with non-pedigreed domestic cats that closely resembled Shulamith, the original American Curl. Allowing for out-breeding was meant to keep the breed free of inbreeding

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