Asian Semi-Longhair Cat Breed Information

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Asian Semi-Longhair Cat Breed Introduction

Asian Semi-Longhairs are so beautiful, they are perhaps better called by their breed's other, prettier name, Tiffanie. True to their breed's name, these cats have hair that is neither very long nor short. They are essentially very much like the Asian Shorthair cat breed, only instead of having short hair, they have medium-long hair. Like the Asian Shorthair and Burmese, they are recognized in any of the typical fur colors and coat patterns of those breeds. Also like the Asian Shorthair, the Asian Semi-Longhair cat breed was bred in Britain. The breed is less popular in the US and elsewhere.

Asian Semi-Longhair Behavior/Personality

Source: The Asian Group Cat Society

Perhaps the most attractive characteristic of the Asian Semi-Longhair or Tiffanie breed is that their wonderful coats are not nearly as hard to groom as for many similar-looking breeds. Other than that, the personality traits of this breed are not much commented on.

Asian Semi-Longhair History

Source: The Asian Group Cat Society

The Asian Semi-Longhair cat breed was developed in Britain in the mid-1980s. It is also called the Tiffanie cat breed.

The Semi-Longhaired cats resulted from experimental breeding for the Burmilla. Burmillas carrying the longhair gene that were bred together sometimes produced semi-Longhair kittens. These kittens were prized for their silky coats, which did not tangle and did not present the same grooming problems as the Chincilla, which was their parent breed.

The breed slowly gained in popularity and stature in cat shows.

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