Australian Mist Cat Breed Information

Learn all about Australian Mist Cats, read about the Australian Mist Breed information, find out about the Australian Mist Breed Standard, Australian Mist behavior and lots more about Australian Mists.

Australian Mist Cat Breed Introduction

The Australian Mist cat breed is as Australian as its name. A new breed of cat from the 1980s, the breed is currently largely confined to Australia.

Australian Mist Behavior/Personality

Source: Australian Mist Association.

Australian Mists are generally playful and get along well with children.

Australian Mist Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the Australian Mist breed based on information from the Australian Mist Association breed standard.

  • Head: broad and slightly rounded
  • Ears: medium-sized or large, with a wide base, and pointed slightly forward
  • Eyes: green
  • Body: medium-large, muscular
  • Legs: back legs slightly longer than front
  • Paws: oval-shaped
  • Tail: thick
  • Coat: short, with spotted or marbled pattern

Australian Mist History

Source: Australian Mist Association

Australian Mists hold the title of the first domestically created Australian cat breed. The Australian Mist cat breed was developed as the fulfillment of a long dream by many people to create a specifically Australian breed of cat. But the actual credit for originating this breed goes to Truda Straede. The breed was created by interbreeding a number of cats with different characteristics:

  • the Burmese breed for its blue, brown, chocolate, and lilac coat colors
  • the Abyssinian breed for its ticking gene, useful in developing a tabby pattern
  • general spotted domestic cats and ghost-spotted Burmese cats for their spots

After four generations, the breed had been established and was called "Spotted Mist." In 1998, two leading Australian cat breeders' groups agreed to change the name to Australian Mist. Soon afterward, the breed was recognized by the New Zealand Cat Fancy and the World Cat Federation. The breed has not been spread to other countries, though spayed or neutered cats have been shipped to the United States.

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