Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed Information

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Brazilian Shorthair Cat Breed Introduction

Brazilian Shorthair Cat Picture

The Brazilian Shorthair is Brazil's first breed to receive international recognition.

Brazilian Shorthair Behavior/Personality

The Brazilian Shorthair is an affectionate cat, so much so that it is often referred to as clingy. Its best match is an owner who will shower it with attention and love while involving it in the activities of the house. Unlike some breeds, which are typically one-man cats, the Brazilian Shorthair is also open to bonding with, and enjoying the companionship, of everyone in the household. If its demands for affection are not met, this frisky, light-hearted cat's temperament can become suspicious and irritable. It may even seek a friendlier owner. Because the Brazilian Shorthair is intelligent, it's a fast learner. An active and playful cat, it is also known for its proud characteristic as an accomplished hunter.

Brazilian Shorthair Breed Standard/Physical Description

Its fabulous agility and elegance are balanced by its medium-sized, strong body. This beautiful cat is easily distinguished from other American Shorthair by its build which is sleeker than that of the American Shorthair It has an air that is not as refined, nor thin, as a Siamese. The Brazilian Shorthair's coat is short and close to the skin. It comes in a wide array of colors and patterns. Preferably the eyes match the color of the coat.

A unique feature of their faces is that their eyes are set a specific distance apart. The space between both eyes is approximately equivalent to the actual size of a Brazilian Shorthair's eye. Dramatically expressive, their big eyes are almond-shaped, bright, and attentive. Although generally medium-sized and longer than wider, there is a key difference between the appearances of the males' versus the females' heads. The males have a bigger head, which gives them a grander overall appearance.

Brazilian Shorthair History

In its earliest origins, the Brazilian Shorthair is thought to be a descendant of domestic cats brought to Brazil by European colonists. Since that time the cats have gone through a variety of changes and a newer breed, the Brazilian Shorthair, has been developed thanks to Paulo Ruschi. Although similar efforts were met with success when both Britain and the United States brought street cats to recognized pure breed cats (the Celtic Shorthair and the American Shorthair, respectively) Ruschi attempted his project in 1985.

The experimental project involved breeders searching the streets in the cities of Ceara, Rio de Janeiro, and Porto Alegre. Their joint opinion and objective was that Brazil also had a cat with specific characteristics that deserved to be recognized as a unique breed. They recorded their findings, and surprisingly collected similar descriptions of the cats' body shape, coat, head, eyes, nose, muzzle, paws, and tail, which is amazing considering the broad distances between the cities. Based on these similarities, the Brazilian Shorthair breed standard was created.

Very few people are involved in breeding the Brazilian Shorthair. A key issue is the random breeding of the cats both within homes and on the streets. However, professional breeding is essential in order to prevent the breed from becoming extinct. Today Mr. Paulo Ruschi is continuing the program in New York, United States.

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