British Longhair Cat Breed Information

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British Longhair Cat Breed Introduction

The British Longhair cat breed, also called the Lowlander cat breed, is the fulfillment of a dream among cat fanciers: to once again have a native longhaired cat breed, after the traditional longhaired British cat breed, the Persian cat breed, developed into a very different feline. Today, though still not a hugely popular cat breed, these cats are beloved for their pleasant tempers.

British Longhair Behavior/Personality

Source: Cattery Boerling Estate

British Longhair cats are known as easy to get along with, and generally not so loud. While not extremely playful, they are generally able to have fun and find things to do. They can also be affectionate with people and other cats.

British Longhair Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the British Longhair breed based on information on the Cattery Boerling Estate website.

  • Head: round and broad
  • Ears: short
  • Eyes: round, big
  • Body: medium-sized with broad chests
  • Legs: short
  • Paws: round
  • Tail: short and thick

British Longhair History

Source: Wikipedia (March 2006)

The British Longhair cat breed brings a native long-haired cat breed back to Britain. The original British longhaired cats were cross-bred with foreign longhair cats. The result, was, arguably the Persian, which grew in size over the course of the early twentieth century, developing longer and thicker fur, until it no longer resembled the original longhaired British cats. In fact, when a shorthaired Persian cat breed, called the Exotic Shorthair, was developed, it no longer resembled the British Shorthair. So, cat fanciers decided to go back to their roots and create a breed of cat that resembled the classic British type of short-haired cat.

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