Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed Information

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Japanese Bobtail Cat Breed Introduction

Japanese Bobtail Cat Picture

The Japanese Bobtail cat breed is the quintessentially Japanese cat breed and one of the oldest breeds of cat on earth. Japanese Bobtails are immortalized in the Japanese statues of the cat with one paw raised, gracing the entrances of innumerable Japanese businesses.

Japanese Bobtail Behavior/Personality

Source: Cat Fanciers Association's breed profile

Japanese Bobtails are widely considered active and intelligent. They also actively seek out the company of human beings. Fun fact: they tend to like to carry things in their mouths. No divas, they are generally thought to travel well and get along well with children, dogs, and other animals.

Japanese Bobtail Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the Japanese Bobtail breed based on the Cat Fanciers Association's breed standard.

  • Head: equilateral triangle with gentle curving lines
  • Ears: large, upright, set wide apart
  • Eyes: large, oval
  • Body: medium in length, long and lean
  • Legs: straight, high, hind legs longer than the forelegs
  • Paws: oval, Toes: five in front and four behind
  • Tail: short
  • Coat: Shorthair: medium length, soft, silky. Longhair: medium-long to long, soft, silky, noticeable undercoat

Japanese Bobtail History

Source: Wikipedia (March 2006)

The Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest breeds of cat in the world. It is also the quintessentially Japanese cat breed. In fact, if you've ever been to a Japanese restaurant, you've probably seen these cats without realizing it. The Japanese Bobtail is the kind of cat represented in the statues of a cat sitting with one paw raised, placed near the entrances of many Japanese businesses. These statues are called maneki-neko and are good luck charms.

The history of Japanese Bobtails closely parallels the history of cats in Japan. The first cats came to Japan at least 1000 years ago, which is when the first written evidence of cats in Japan dates from. According to that written evidence, the first cats in Japan came from China or Korea.

The history of cats in Japan was forever altered by a 1602 decree that all cats be set free, in order to exterminate rodents that were hurting the silk worms. Japanese Bobcats became feral street urchins and country cats.

The first registered Japanese Bobtail cats came to the US in 1968, imported by Elizabeth Freret.

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