LaPerm Cat Breed Information

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LaPerm Cat Breed Introduction

LaPerm Cat Picture

The LaPerm cat breed is one of a crop of new cat breeds that originated in the US in the last decade of the twentieth century, as breeders and fanciers sought out new genetic mutations with interesting physical features.

LaPerm Behavior/Personality

Source: Cat Fanciers Association's breed profile

The LaPerm cat breed is known as active, gentle, affectionate, and also a good lap cat.

LaPerm Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the LaPerm breed based on the Cat Fanciers Association's breed standard.

  • Head: modified wedge, slightly rounded, gentle contours
  • Ears: medium to large in size, slightly flared and cupped
  • Eyes: medium large, almond shape
  • Body: medium in size
  • Legs: medium long, forelegs may be slightly shorter than hind legs
  • Tail: in proportion to body, tapering from base to tip
  • Coat: Longhair: medium-long to long, curly or wavy; Shorthair: short to approximately medium-long, curly or wavy, springy

LaPerm History

Source: Cat Fanciers Association's breed profile

The first LaPerm cats were curly-furred barn cats in Oregon in 1982. The cats roamed free around the area of the farm and interbred with other cats from the neighborhood. Over the next ten years, the farm's owner noticed that in successive litters of kittens, there were frequently curly-furred cats. The farm owner selectively bred the curly-furred cats and brought them to cat shows. The cats were popular among attendees and soon there was a great deal of interest in creating a new curly-furred breed. The farm owner chose the name "La Perm" to describe the cats distinctive fur.

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