Ragamuffin Cats

Learn about the Ragamuffin cat breed with a description, picture, breed standard, history & orignins and more.

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Ragamuffin Cat Breed Information

Learn all about Ragamuffin Cats, read about the Ragamuffin Breed information, find out about the Ragamuffin Breed Standard, Ragamuffin behavior and lots more about Ragamuffins.

Ragamuffin Cat Breed Introduction

Ragamuffin Cats

Despite its name, the Ragamuffin cat breed is a beloved, beautiful purebred. The Ragamuffins are also one of the newest breeds of cat. They were first bred in the 1960s, but they did not achieve Cat Fanciers Association recognition until the 1990s.

Ragamuffin Behavior/Personality

Source: Wikipedia (March 2006)

Ragamuffins are generally known as playful and gentle. They are, in fact, gentle to the point that many people think they should be kept indoors for their own safety.

Ragamuffin Breed Standard/Physical Description

Here are some facts on the Ragamuffin breed based on information in Wikpedia (March 2006) and the Cat Fanciers Associations' Breed Standard.

  • Head: broad, wedge-shaped, with a round muzzle
  • Ears: medium-sized and rounded
  • Eyes: big and walnut-shaped,
  • Body: large, from 10-20 pounds (toward the light end for females and significantly heavier for males)
  • Legs: heavy-boned
  • Paws: large and round
  • Tail: long
  • Coat: longhaired, with the same color patterns as the Ragdoll breed; the fur is soft but doesn't mat

Ragamuffin History

Source: Cat Fanciers Association Breed Profile and Wikipedia (March 2006)

The Ragamuffin is one of the newest cat breeds, and like many, if not most, of the very new breeds, it was developed in the United States by cat breeders seeking to perpetuate traits that developed accidentally in a non-pedigree cat. The first Ragamuffins were registered with cat associations in 1994. They were recognized as a breed in the miscellaneous class by the Cat Fanciers Association in 2003.

Yet despite the Ragamuffin breed's recent origins, it's not entirely clear how they developed.

One theory as to their origins is that the first Ragamuffins were a happy accident. The breeder responsible was named Ann Baker. According to the theory, she started the breed by crossing a Ragdoll cat named Josephine and a non-pedigree housecat.

However the breed started, Ann Baker is responsible for its early development, selectively breeding the offspring of the Ragdoll Josephine and the other cat. Ann Baker wanted to be the only breeder of Ragamuffins. There were other breeders, however, who wanted to participate in the Ragamuffin's development. It was the new breeders who pushed for recognition from the Cat Fanciers' Association.

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