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Kitten boy name Attila

What's The Meaning Of The Cat Name Attila?

  • Attila \a-tti-la\ as a boy's name is of Hungarian origin, and the meaning of Attila is "father-like". Also possibly from the Latin family name Attilius. Attila the Hun was the king of the Huns whose cruel invasions of the Balkans and Gaul helped hasten the end of the Roman Empire. He was also known as "the scourge of God".
  • Attila has 5 variant forms: Atila, Atilano, Atilo, Attilia and Attilio.
  • For more information, see also the related name Atli.
  • Baby names that sound like Attila are Adil, Athol, Atholl, Attley, Attlee, Atlea and Atwell.
  • View a list of the 4 names that reference Attila.

Pronunciation | Attila is pronounced: \a-tti-la\

Gender | Attila is a boy name

Origin | The Origin of Attila is: Hungarian

Attila Kitten Name

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African, Akan, American, Anglo Welsh, Arabic, Aramaic, Armenian, Assyrian, Australian, Babylonian, Basque, Bulgarian, Cambodian, Celtic, Cherokee, Chinese, Contemporary, Cornish, Czechoslovakian, Danish, Dutch, Egyptian, English, Farsi, Finnish, Flemish, French, Gaelic, German, Ghanaian, Greek, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hindi, Hopi, Hungarian, Indian, Indo Pakastini, Irish, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Latin, Maori, Mexican, Modern, Native American Indian, Nigerian, Norman, Norman French, Norse, Norwegian, Pawnee, Persian, Phoenician, Polish, Portuguese, Romany, Russian, Samoan, Sanskrit, Scandinavian, Scottish, Sioux, Slavic, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Teutonic, Turkish, Uncertain, Unknown, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish, Zulu

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